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Cops Have Seized Over $1 Billion from Americans Using This Little Known Law

It is estimated that the police departments of America have seized over a billion dollars total from civil forfeiture, far more than double the amount they had confiscated total before 9/11. There are a million things that the police can do and say to have an excuse to straight

Two Kangaroos Fight in the Middle of Street [Australia]

This is priceless. Two Kangaroos start fighting in the middle of the street in Australia. I wonder what they were fighting about. You have to share this one!

The True Story Behind Annabelle Will Probably Give You Insomnia

Meet Annabelle. She is real. Feel free to scare the sh*t out of someone by sharing this post. In 1970 Donna’s mother bought her a Raggedy Ann doll for her birthday. Donna was just about to graduate with a nursing degree and lived in a small apartment with her

The Real-Life Purge Could be Coming to Your City [please share this]

[please share with everyone you know who might be affected – better safe than sorry] Several people have already lost their lives to wild teens re-enacting The Purge movie into real-life. This is so tragic and stupid, but you know people do dumb things! I really hope this ends

What Happens When You Boil Coca-Cola [DISGUSTING]

Puppy Attacks Lime & The Result is Hilariously Cute OMG

They Called Him A “Retard” – Proves Everyone Wrong By Graduating High-School at 10 Years Old

Tanishq Mathew Abraham (born June 2003) is an American child genius and a child prodigy with an Asian Indian ancestry. When Tanishq’s younger sister, Tiara Thankam Abraham (born December 2005), became a member of Mensa at 4 years old in 2010, the two became the youngest siblings to join

Racist Stripper Goes Off on Black Dude [Raw – Extended Footage]

Help us spread the word to end racism: Driving while black has apparently been expanded to include even starting a car while black. This Western New York man was the victim of an angry mom’s racist tirade just for getting ready to leave a parking lot while she walked

Before Killing 7 Students (Including Himself) He Posted This Chilling Confession Video

California police are investigating evidence connecting a 22-year-old student to the mass shooting that killed seven people, including the shooter, near the University of Santa Barbara campus Friday. The suspect has not been publicly named pending notification of family. However, Santa Barbara County Sheriff Bill Brown said that written

Hateful ASU Pastor Says Homosexuals Will Burn in Hell – This Student’s Reaction Will BLOW Your Mind!

As I was packing up the table and heading out I took a few moments to drop in on the ever-increasing crowd gathering around some “turn and burn” preachers who had a big sign reading, “WARNING: Masturbators, fornicators, thieves, liars and homosexuals – HELL IS REAL!” They were preaching